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Lallemand Specific Inactive Yeast


For Red and White wines. Highly recommended for early release reds. Used to smooth and increase palate weight and roundness.

OptiLEES helps the management of wine aging on lees, enabling a better control of lees quality and a quick ‘aging’ effect due to the release of polysaccharides. Quite simply this strain was selected for its autolysis behavior and high release of polysaccharides. OptiLEES can increase the perception of ripe fruit, contribute to a more intense structure, initial mouthfeel volume and rounded finish. In addition it can decrease the perception of harsh, chemical and burning sensations often due to high alcohols. OptiLEES complements wines with excessive maceration and late extraction practices. Lallemand research and also feedback from winemakers have also found OptiLEES can have a stimulatory effect on malolactic fermentation.