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Lallemand Specific Inactive Yeast

Nutrient Vit End

For problematic grape juice / must. For treating sluggish and stuck fermentations.

Nutrient Vit END is a Specific Inactivated Yeast, developed by the Lallemand R & D group for use in avoiding and / or treating sluggish and stuck fermentations. This is a complex product which has very high bio-absorbtive properties for saturated short and medium chain fatty acids and fungicides. These particular fatty acids are toxic to yeast cells and their production is favoured by stressful fermentation conditions such as low juice turbidity, very high initial sugars, the condition of the selected yeast or extreme fermentation temperatures during the latter phase of fermentation. Nutrient Vit End detoxify’s the wine. Use Nutrient Vit END to: • Decrease the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentation and optomise the restart of fermentation. • Adsorb saturated short and medium chain fatty acids • Adsorb waxy and soapy aromas • Adsorb residual fungicides. Recommend Dosage: • Preventative: 30g/HL added to juice / must at the beginning of fermentation • Curative: Use 40g/HL added to the sluggish or stuck wine and allow to settle and rack off before inoculating with rescue yeast.

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