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Lallemand Specific Inactive Yeast

Booster Rouge

Natural yeast derivative for adding balance and structure to red wine

Booster Rouge is yeast derivative nutrient originating from a specific wine yeast isolated and selected by the ICV. The yeast macromolecules in Booster Rouge interact with red polyphenols, resulting in a positive influence on the colloidal balance of the final wine. When used in red must sourced from hot climates, Booster Rouge wines are perceived as having higher fore-mouth volume and tannic intensity as well as fresher aromatic sensations.

Booster Rouge complements short maceration premium reds fermented with ICV GRE for smoothing mid-palate intensity and fresh varietal aromas. Sensations of aggressive and drying tannins are minimized. In ultra-premium reds from balanced ripe mature grapes, Booster Rouge may also be added during the latter part of alcoholic fermentation to contribute tannin intensity.