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Lallemand Nutrients

Fermaid A

To equip the yeast for the conditions prevailing in second half of fermentation

Fermaid A was developed by Lallemand specifically for the Australian and New Zealand wine industries to provide a more balanced approach to nitrogen management.   Fermaid A is a blend of inorganic and organic nitrogen and is formulated to deliver more YAN per gram added to must/juice than DAP.  The inorganic/amino nitrogen mix is aimed at encouraging a more balanced metabolic fermentation outcome.

When added 1/3rd into ferment, Fermaid A significantly increases the pool of yeast intracellular alpha-amino nitrogen.   

Fermaid A can be added as required throughout the wine fermentation but addition must be well before ethanol toxicity begins to take its toll on cell organisation and survival mechanisms. 

The elevated intracellular amino nitrogen reserve assists the yeast to complete fermentation, without prolonging the toxic exposure to ethanol that often results in a tailing off in fermentation rate and an increased incidence of stuck and/or sluggish ferments.

Dosage rate: up to 30g/hL (providing 36-37mg/L of total YAN with 5-6mg/L of organic YAN)