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Lallemand Enzymes

Lallzyme Enzymes

Lallemand offers five categories of highly purified enzyme preparations for use in winemaking

  1. Maceration Enzymes – EX, EX-V, CUVEE BLANC
  2. Clarification Enzymes – HC, C-MAX
  3. Enzymes for autolysis of yeast – MMX
Enzyme Functions Special Function for Botrytised whites Addition rates
HCClarification0.5g/hL0.5-1g/hL juice
C-MaxClarification0.5-1g/hL juice - 1-2g in extreme conditions
Cuvee BlancMaceration (whites)20g/ton grapes
EXNacweration (reds)20-30g/ton grapes
EX-VMaceration (reds)10-20g/ton grapes
MMXClarification, filtration ageing on lees3g hL3g/hL white, 5g hL reds