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IOC Sparkling

MCR Liqueur Expedition

MCR is a pasteurised grape concentrate that has no phenolics and is sterile filtered.

Using MCR Liqueur Expedition enables the blend (sugar + wine + yeast + turning adjuvants) to be prepared rapidly uniformly. MCR is composed of only fructose and glucose and can be used rapidly by yeasts. 

Advantages of MCR Liqueur Expedition 

  • Saves time , labour and energy as it does not need to be dissolved.
  • Very uniform from one disgorgement to another using MCR eliminating problems associated with storing of conventional liquors.
  • MCR preserves the qualities of the disgorged wine and contributes only the sugar components.
  • Practical to handle.
  • Impurity free product of known concentration.

63 Brix
843.8 grams per litre of sugar

Available in 20L drums.