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PVPP Granulate

IOC PVPP GRANULAR- for easier and safer handling

Added to must or wine, PVPP eliminates certain phenol substances responsible for browning or organoleptic deviations in certain wines. 

PVPP is insoluble. It fixes the substances responsible for the browning of wines, and also fixes certain molecules that add bitterness to the taste of must or wine. 

PVPP is formed from macromolecules organised in a lattice. It acts by adsorbing oxidised and oxidisable polyphenols, forming bonds between the phenolic hydroxyl group, and an amide bond of the PVPP, so removing the brown colour. 

PVPP is recommended

  • As a preventive : for white wines that may be stored in difficult conditions or for a long time.
  • As a curative : for wines that are oxidised or taste bitter.

1kg or 19.98kg pack sizes.