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The Natural Solution to oxidation of musts and rosé wines.

No[Ox] is a unique and innovative technological ancillary made up of polysaccharides of non-animal origin that is allergen- and synthetic product-free. Its swift action enable it to combat oxidative excesses, in both musts and wine, while preserving the intrinsic qualities of the initial product.

No[Ox] is used for

  • Protecting the colour of white and rosé wines by eliminating iron and copper which are the main catalysers of oxidation, and interacting with polyphenols.
  • Preserving the aromatic freshness of wines by durably protecting polyphenols against oxidation and efficiently preserving varietal thiols through the anti-free radical properties of No[Ox].
  • Erasing organoleptic defects by eliminating bitterness and oxidative notes, while at the same time preserving sensory and taste properties. 

1kg pack size. 

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