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Peristaltic Pumps

The peristaltic pump is suitable for the soft and delicate transfer of whole, destemmed and crushed grapes, musts, fruit juice, milk, oil or denser liquid. Thanks to the special inner pipe made from food grade rubber, the peristaltic pump ensures soft transferring of both liquid products and dense products. The alteration between compression and distension of the pipe ensure continuous and steady flow with no shaking, or tearing of berries and grape seeds. Equipped with remote control inverter to control the electric motor.

The pump can also be equipped with stainless steel feeding hopper with motorized screw and gearbox. 


  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Removable hopper for use with destemmed and fermented grapes
  • 2 x bell housings with pressure adjustment from 0.5 Bar - 2.5 Bar
  • Ability to pump up to 5 Bar
  • Self priming
  • Ideal for barrel filling as pump will shut off under pressure and start up again as pressure is released
  • Pump can run dry, forward & reverse
Mori Model Motor Delivery HL/HR INLET/OUTLET
A.S. 201.0HP5 - 2040mm
A.S. 502.0HP5 - 5040mm
A.S. 1004.0HP10 - 10050mm
A.S. 2005.5HP20 - 20075mm
A.S. 30010.0HP60 - 300100mm
AST1004.0 + 1.0 HP4 - 7 T/HR75mm
AST2005.5 + 1.0 HP10 - 14 T/HR100mm
AST30010.0 + 1 HP13 - 18 T/HR100mm
Puelo Model Liquid Capacity HL-H/Crushed G. Tons-H Power (KW)/Speed (RPM)
PRS 45-401.1/10-75
PRS 710-701.5/10-75
PRS 1220-120/1.5-83.00/10-75
PRS 1830-180/2.3-124.00/10-75
PRS 2640-260/3-165.5/10-75
PRS 3060-300/4.5-21.57.5/10-75
PRS 60120-600/9-459.2/10-75