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Centrifugal Pumps

The GZ Centrifugal Pumps are constructed entirely in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel with all surfaces polished and therefore free from porosity that might otherwise result in contamination of the wine and hinder efficient washing. GZ pumps rest on adjustable supporting feet that ensure greater stability and safety during use. The pumps are easily dismantled for cleaning and can also be trolley mounted if required. The GZ pumps are ideal for juice transfers. bulk wine transfers, circulating water for cleaning and a wide range of other uses for your winery. Screw impeller for moving must 

Model Open Impeller Flow M³/[email protected] head kW Inlet Outlet
GZ/C 20301.550mm40mm
GZ/C 30402.250mm40mm
GZ/C 40453.050mm40mm
GZ/C 75505.565mm50mm
GZ/C 100807.565mm50mm
Model Semi-Open Impeller Flow M³/[email protected] head kW Inlet Outlet
GZ/CA 10150.7540mm32mm
GZ/CA 20201.550mm40mm
GZ/CA 30302.250mm40mm
Model Screw/Impeller Flow M³/[email protected] head kW Inlet Outlet
GZ/CD 15301.165mm65mm
GZ/CD 4080380mm80mm
GZ/CD 551304100mm100mm
GZ/CD 751605.5100mm100mm
GZ/CD 1001607.5100mm100mm