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Pneumatic Presses

Prexa C

PULEO Pneumatic AIR PRESSES are manufactured to ensure suitability to process a large diversity of grape varietals, while always maintaining the highest quality must. The pressing of whole/crushed grapes and fermented marcs takes place in a large cylindrical horizontal tank where a membrane inflated by compressed air, exerts a measured pressure onto the product obtaining the liquid extraction. On the opposite side are holed channels that facilitate the draining process.

Available in a range of model sizes from 8,500 kg up to 130,000 kg of crushed grapes capacity. Puleo Pneumatic presses are equipped with a lateral membrane made of food grade PVC top cloth.


Made completely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the next generation of air bag presses from Puleo are sure to impress. Using a combination of experience and new technology, the presses have been designed for the soft pressing of grapes and musts for the extraction of high quality juice and wine.

Thanks to a membrane made of alimentary PVC TOP material, and a wide wall of longitudinal holed channels which allow draining, the press is able to respect the integrity of the solid parts of the grape, avoiding the breakage of grape seeds, the laceration of stalks in non destemmed grapes, and well as prevent oxidation.

  • Axial loading with manual ball value
  • Flexible membrane in food grade PVC
  • High polished Stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and keyboard displaying parameters of the 12 different pressing programs. All programs can be changed according to the needs of the operator and memorised
  • Ability to override with manual controls (without PLC)
  • Pneumatic filling/discharging door with external sliding system
  • Stainless steel Must reception tray
  • Load whole grapes via central door with automatic opening system and DOOR UP position managed by PLC
  • Rocking system with a 45°/45° oscillations during loading phase
  • Automatic unloading of dried marcs, managed by PLC, that allows partial opening of the door
  • Supplied on wheels
  • AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Electro-level located on the must reception tray
  • Overloading device
  • Axial loading with pneumatic valve
  • Double door with pneumatic opening/ closing device
  • External collector
  • Extensions legs
  • Motorized wheels
  • Manual washing system (with probe)
  • Automatic washing system
  • Must selection device
  • Automatic interting system
  • Cooling jacket
  • Inert Soaking device
Model Door Feed machine/whole (tonne) Axial Feed machine/whole (tonne)
C 80.5/0.71.5/1.8
C 221.2/1.63.3/4.5
C 362.4/3.25.6/8.4
C 503.5/ 4.58.5/12.5
C 704.5/6.514/19
C 1007.8/8.620/26
C 15012.0/14.032/42
C 27025.0/28.054/78
C 32028.0/32.065/100
C 44036.0/40.092/130