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Hydraulic Presses

Lift Cage Hydraulic Press

Mori offer the best value vertcial hydraulic presses in the market, and the evolution has continued with the development of the twin ram 95cm press for a more even pressure distribution and a PLC fro a precise control

They key advantage of the lift cage presses is they require less labour to operate, being able to be run by one operator sitting on a forklift 

The Mori lift cage presses have been sold by Winequip throughout Australia over the past 5 years and many references are available from customers impressed with their reliability and performance.


  • Stainless cages 80cm, 95cm or 130cm diameters (FL Series)
  • Drain tray with welded forklift pockets for easy disposal of cake
  • Stainless steel ram plate
  • Deep stainless steel drain tray
  • Double speed monitor
  • Control panel with pressure gauge plus 3 position lever
  • Pressure load of 50 - 300 ATM (bar)
  • Wheels for easy movement (80cm only)
  • Power 415v; 50z; 3 phase or 240v single phase
  • 2nd stainless cage and drain plate
  • Perspex shield

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Model FL Series Cage Diameter (cm) Piston (diameter) Load Pressure (kg) Motor (Hp) Dimensions (cm)
80FL80 X 9013046,4301.5160 X 100 X 260
95 FL95 X 10016060,0002200 X 130 X 295
130 FL130 X 14018066,0002.5263 X 160 X 320
Model PZ Series Cage Diameter (cm) Piston (diameter) Load Pressure (kg) Motor (Hp) Dimensions (cm)
96 PZ95 X 1002 X 13040,0002.5220 X 140 X 310