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Flotation Additives

As Australia’s largest provider of flotation solutions, Winequip have significant expertise in both the equipment and improving the performance of this technology through the research and development of flotation aids.   Winequip have a variety of flotation products available, see PDF spec sheets attached.

Product Details
Gel UpA warm water soluble, odourless and flavourless crystalline gelatine with a high bloom rating. Importantly, the electrical charge of Flottogel greatly assists in the formation o stable hydrophobic floccules.
Bent UpMicro-ground adn highly dispersible sodium bntonite. The highly effective deproteinising power also makes Flottobent suitable for use as a protein stabilising bentonite post floation.
ActiCarboneA carbon product developed for the removal of pigmentation in musts destined for floation. The chemical properties of this high purity carbon assure adherence to the flotation gas.
QiUpQiUp is a water soluble blend of vegetal proteins aiding clarification of musts via flotation. Used as a substitute for animal gelatin, it is non_GMO certified and has non-allergenic status.