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Batch Flotation

Flotation with the Juclas Dosacom and pressuriser commences once a complete volume of juice is accumulated for processing.  Adjuvants are applied in-line  at the Dosacom immediately prior to the gas saturation stage.  Treated juice is then fed to the pressuriser by the Dosacom and held for a brief time in the pressuriser to establish a state of saturation to produce the relationship between floccules and gas micro-bubbles, enabling floation to occur.

Utilising your existing tank farm, the Juclas batch flotation system has a capacity of up to a 30,000L or 50,000L  batch per hour. Ideal flotation vessels are as large a diameter as possible and allow smooth transition of juice entering into the bottom cone of the tank

The batch system consists of two main components. The first is the programmable dosing system for up to three simultaneous addition of any of the IOC flotation additives.