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Mastermind MMF

JUCLAS has introduced a new system for the micro-filtration of still and sparkling wines. MASTERMIND FILTRATION (MMF) comes with automatic control of flow rate, pressures and regeneration cycles according to the specifications of the cartridge provider.

These parameters are set to maximise the production life of the cartridge whilst ensuring wine is left intact during the filtration cycle.

The MMF is the perfect choice for Premium wines where only a polishing filtration is required or desired.  


Model Number Of Cartridges Flow Rate L/Hr Installed Power kW
MMF 088 x 30<--- 20001.5
MMF 1212 x 301000-30003
MMF 1818 x 301500-45004
MMF 2424 x 302000-60004
MMF 3636 x 303000 - 90006