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EKWIP Cellulose Filter Pads And Seitz Lenticular Modules

    EKWIP Grade SEITZ SD11 lenticular modules Nominal Rating Classification/Application
    Z2 40cmsq Z2 20cmsqSDT10003.0umCoarse
    Z3 40cmsqSD9002.0umMedium/for first racking with filter
    Z4 40cmsq1.5umMedium/ for first racking with filter
    Z5 40cmsq Z5 20cmsqSD2501.0umFine/for second racking with filter
    Z6 40cmsqSD2000.8umFine/after well - settled finings
    Z7 40cmsq Z7 20cmsqSD 1000.6umFine/ final polishings filtration before sterilising
    Z8 40cmsqSD800.4umSterile/final filtration for dry wines
    Z9 40cmsq Z9 20cmsqSDEK0.3umSterile/ final pad filtration for sweet wines