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Destemmer Crushers


Puleo’s ‘Vega’ range of destemmers provide your winery with a high quality processing solution. The Vega model supplied to Winequip by Puelo has been specifically adapted for the requirements of the Australian market. 


  • Large loading hopper
  • Adjustable destemmer shaft height and orientation
  • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Frequency converter for regulating the speed of the cylinder and the shaft destemmer
  • Crushing unit, non-abrasive rubber rollers, distance adjustable and equipped with sensor
  • Adjustable eccentricity between perforated drum and beater
  • Electrical control panel
  • Draining hopper for machine harvest fruit
  • Additional drums available with differing holes diameter
Model Production Per Hour Installed Power
VEGA 77-8 Tons2.6 KW
VEGA 108-12 Tons2.6 KW
VEGA 1513-15 Tons3.7 KW
VEGA 2525-30 Tons7.2 KW
VEGA 5035-45 Tons10.4 KW
VEGA 8060-70 Tons13.8 KW
VEGA 9070-90 Tons18 KW
VEGA 120100-120 Tons22 KW