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Other Meters

Multifunction Meter CX-105

CX-105 is a multi-purpose meter which enables to make different kinds of measurements depending on the type of chosen head. Complete set of heads enables following measurements: pH, mV, redox potential (ORP), conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen in water mg/l or % humidity with possibility of determining the dew point, temperature of the surface of the surface and temperature of liquids and air. 


  • GP-105 - for pH and temperature measurement in water with low deposit content
  • GP-105s - for pH and temperature measurements in waste water or other viscous samples
  • GR-105k - for redox potential and temperature measurement, electrode with cable
  • GC-105 - for conductivity, salinity and temperature measurement
  • GO-105 - for oxygen dissolved in water, in % or mg/l and temperature measurements
  • GT-105 - for accurate temperature measurement, without cable. Parameters of temperature measurement as for PT-105
  • GT-105k- for accurate temperature measurement, probe with cable. Parameters of temperature measurements as for PT-105
  • GH-105 - for humidity and dew point measurements, sensor without cable
  • GH-105k - for humidity and dew point measurements, sensor with cable
  • GH-105p - for humidity and deew point measurements, sensor without cable but with chinich connector for surface temperature probe, what enables to decide whether painting on the surface in existing conditions advisable.