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Weather Station

Kreyo Met

Complete Weather Solution

The KreyoMet weather station is the complete vineyard management solution. The unit includes at a minimum temperature and relative humidity sensors, but can also incorporate options such as a rain gauge, leaf wetness sensor, soil temperature sensor and wind speed sensors. 

The sensor readouts can be viewed over the internet, programmed to provided SMS warnings when set thresholds are exceeded and linked with pumps to control irrigation. 





  • Improved pest and disease treatment
  • Save money on pesticides
  • Environmental protection
  • Have a better and healthier crop
  • Increase yield due to lower crop loss
  • Soil moisture monitoring/availability to plant
  • Precipitation measurement
  • Intelligent irrigation planning
  • Auto distance irrigation control
  • Save money on irrigation
  • Improve crop quality
  • Solar powered
  • SMS transferring of information - Displayed on smart phones
  • Work planning tool
  • Hourly forecast at the coordinates of your weather station
  • Leaf canopy moisture measurement
  • Data saved on own webpage
  • Camera/live video availability