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Thermo-Ventilators for Room Cooling

Cooling selection tips

Some matters for consideration in assessing your room cooling requirements

  • Consider room insulation level, ambient temperature, heat-peak, heat-load in room, frequency of opening and closing doors for delivery of goods etc.
  • Oversize your selection – Australia has hot summers reaching 35-42°C!
  • Match the cooling unit to the total max capacity of all thermo-fans
  • Consider the room proportions and dimensions, columns or crates that may disrupt air circulation.  You may be better with a larger number of smaller units and position them to cover the room well
  • Consider the blow-range of the fans you select
  • Temperature difference to the cold water from the chiller should be about 10C. If you wish to avoid running water at minus temperatures – select larger fans which blow a greater quantity of cold air. This will allow keeping the temperature-difference smaller.
  • Selecting larger fans which allows to run a lower temperature difference serves also to reduce the loss of humidity in the room, and possibly prevent the need of humidification (barrel rooms).
  • If you are selecting for a Cool Room, consider a defrost-mechanism for any fan that runs water from +1°C and lower.