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Indirect Cooling Applications

Water Chiller LAC/LAH

the ultimate solution for larger wineries

These units have been specifically developed by Kreyer for the wine industry. These modern cooling units are the ideal solution for wineries requiring a fixed installation. With 24 models available with capacity ranges between 200kW and 1000kW cooling, there is a solution that can be tailored to your exact circumstances. This capacity is sufficient to keep up to 60000hL in fermentation. The LAC/LAH units are weatherproof and designed for being outdoors permanently. 


  • Casing made of galvanised steel sheet metal painted with a white RAL 9002 powered polyester paint
  • Flat top, aesthetic side anti-intrusion grilles, very low unit height ( <-- 2m)
  • Low noise scroll compressors mounted in a sound proofed technical cabinet to reduce noise emissions
  • Plate heat exchanger in a technical cabinet protecting the insulation against climatic conditions
  • Aluminium Micro Channel heat exchangers with improved corrosion resistance (Cooling only version)
  • Copper tubes/aluminium fns heat exchanger
  • Inverter fans using external rotor technology associated with Shark high performance aluminium fan blades
  • Unit electrical cabinet, 400v, 50Hz, 3 phase power supply with a single point of power connection
  • Main on/off switch mounted on front panel
  • DC50 user interface mounted on the front panel
  • Climatic microprocessor based control.
  • Active Acoustic Attenuation System to automatically adjust the air flow to respect night and day sound level constraints while meeting building load requirements
  • Operation of the unit witout buffer tank
  • Dynamic defrost to limit the number nad rthe duration of the defrost cycles in winter
  • Free dry contacts
  • Master or cascade control of 2 chillers when operating in parallel time equalization with automatic change-over in case of unit fault