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Indirect Cooling Applications

Indirect Cooling Applications

The Kreyer indirect cooling applications are simple to operate and have the advantage of being “plug and play”, and therefore easily installed. These are available in 3 models. 

  • The chilly units are cooling units only equipped with a hermetic motor compressor and a cooling water circuit containing a water tank and centrifugal pump. 
  • The larger chilly max units have all the features of the chilly series, but have a greater cooling capacity, include a heater and wheels for moving around the winery.

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  • Engineered & Manufactured in Germany
  • Cooling capacity of glycol/water to -10ºC
  • Installed heating element warming water up to 40ºC (except chilly 45) - 3.0kW for chilly max models; 4.5kW for MCK models
  • Hi Tech 'scroll' compressors installed - power and space efficient
  • Installed insulated glycol/water tank - 30lts for chilly models; 330lts for MCK models
  • Integrated pump for transfer of glycol/water to dimple or immersion plates.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant gases used: R407, R410, R404
  • Stainless Steel Evaporator & high efficiency air cooled condenser in the MCK models (copper evaporator in the Chilly models)
Model Cooling Capacity Approx. Fermentation Capacity over a 3 week period
chilly 252.4kw12,000 Lts
chilly 454.5 kW25,000 Lts
Chilly Max 506.4 kW30,000 Lts
Chilly Max 9010.7 kW50,000 Lts
Chilly Max 11012.7 kW70,000 Lts
MCK 14118.3 kW85,000 Lts
MCK 18121.7 kW110,000 Lts
MCK 22128 kW140,000 Lts
MCK 27133.5 kW170,000 Lts
MCK 32135.9 kW200,000 Lts
MCK 36138.9 kW240,000 Lts
MCK 44153.2 kW280,000 Lts
MCK 54160.1 kW350,000 Lts
MCK 64172.4 kW450,000 Lts