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Direct Cooling & Heating Applications

Direct Cooling / Heating Applications

The All-Round Solution for Winemakers

These units are both mobile tube in tube refrigeration solutions. The Kreyopack wine cooling unit consists of a cool ing aggregate in the upper part and a heat exchanger in the lower part. Both are mounted inside a stainless steel frame on wheels.

The SR wine cooling units also consist of a cooling aggregate in the upper part and a heat exchanger in the lower section. Both are mounted inside a stainless steel frame on wheels and can be used for cooling and heating wine or must.


DIRECT COOLING APPLICATION with juice/wine being pumped into the Kreyopack units.

  • Engineered & Manufactured in Germany
  • Cooling section mounted in the upper part
  • Insulated Stainless Steel heat exchanger in the lower part
  • Cooling capacity of glycol/water to -10°C
  • Installed Heating system in the “SR” models
  • Hi Tech ‘Scroll’ compressors installed – power and space efficient
  • Connection point for operating an external feed pump
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R407
  • Stainless Steel Evaporator & high efficiency air cooled condenser
  • Inlet/outlets range from 40mm for most units, larger models with 50 or 70mm
Model Kreyopack Series Cooling Capacity Approx. fermentation Capacity over 3 week period Volume 30 °C > 25 °C Volume 15 °C > 4 °C
Kreyopack 109 kW50,000 Lts10,000 Lts5,500 Lts
Kreyopack 3034 kW110,000 Lts29,500 Lts15,000 Lts
Kreyopack 5049.5 kW170,000 Lts42,500 Lts21,000 Lts
Kreyopack 10091.2 kW380,000 Lts76,000 Lts38,000 Lts
SR Series
SR 412.8 kW50,000 Lts10,000 Lts5,500 Lts
SR 623 kW70,000 Lts20,000 Lts10,000 Lts
SR 929 kW85,000 Lts25,000 Lts13,000 Lts
SR 1134 kW110,000 Lts29,500 Lts15,000 Lts
SR 1341 kW140,000 Lts34,000 Lts18,000 Lts
SR 1749.5 kW170,000 Lts41,000 Lts22,000 Lts
SR 3285 kW350,000 Lts70,000 Lts37,000 Lts