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Brewery Equipment

Three Vessel 10 Hectolitre Steam Heated Brew System


  • Grain Mill: For crushing grain - built completely in stainless steel. including electronic control board, adjustable rollers and magnets to provide protection against metal objects, 500kg per hour capacity
  • Mash Tun: To convert your mash into wort-1650L capacity, heating jacket and inspection door with safety sensor
  • Later Tun: To separate the wort from the grain - 1650L capacity, detachable stainless steel filtration grille and inspection door with safety sensor
  • Kettle: to boil the wort - 1650L capacity, heating jacket and tangential inlet for whirl-pooling.
  • All tanks constructed in stainless steel with satin exterior finish and wool insulation


  • Platform with stair and handrail built in stainless steel
  • Pumps and pipe connections
  • Electric control panel
  • Steam Generator
  • 20HL hot liquor tank
  • 12 HL or 24HL fermentation tank (rated at 1.5 bar)
  • Glycol refrigeration unit
  • 20HL cold water tank