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Chemicals and Yeast

Lallemand Yeast for home use

Home winemakers face challenges that commercial winemakers don’t. Small batches, no temperature control and no laboratory testing mean that yeast must be reliable.

For white wines Winequip carries the EC1118 and QA23 strains in 125g packs for the small producer.

For red wines,  Winequip carries the  Rhone 2226 and BDX strains in 125g packs

For more details on these strains, please contact us or check out the Lallemand Yeast section in the “Yeast Chemicals and Tannins” area of the site.

All yeasts are packed in vacuum sealed packs, unlike the “packed down” products most suppliers provide which ensures you have fresh and uncompromised products to give your ferment the best chance.

To use, rehydrate each pack in 500mL of 35oC water for 20 minutes, then add to your white juice or red must. Refrigerate prior to use.