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Chemicals and Yeast

Chemicals for home use

Winequip have all key winemaking chemicals packed down in sizes appropriate for the small producer, including

Tartaric acid  500g, 1kg packs

  • Balances the palate in reds and aids a crisp finish in whites.
  • Lowers pH to aid SO2 in preserving wine from spoilage yeast and bacteria

DAP (Diammonium phosphate) 25g, 500g, 1kg packs

  • Nitrogen source for yeast, promotes clean, complete fermentation without off flavours
  • Addition rate between 10 and 40g per 100L of wine
 Yeast nutrient 100g packs
  • Purified cell walls for sterols
  • Cellulose to absorb substances that might inhibit fermentation
  • Thiamine, Vitamin B1 to aid yeast growth and stop sulphide production
  • DAP for nitrogen

PMS (Potassium metabisulphite) 50g, 1kg packs

  • Antimicrobial preservative, protects wine from spoilage yeast and bacteria
  • Addition rate after fermentation, 14g per 100L for reds, 12g per 100L for whites. Add 2g/100L after racking

PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) 100g, 500g packs

  • Fining agent. Excellent for removing bitter phenolic compounds and brown colour from white wine. Add 0.2 to 0.5g per litre

Bentonite 200g, 500g, 1kg packs

  • Fining agent. Speeds up clarification in both red and white wines. Removes unstable proteins that may cause haze in whites.

SMS (Sodium metabisulphite) 500g, 1kg packs

  • Sterilising agent. Mix a handful of citric and SMS in your cleaning water to kill wild yeast and bacteria on equipment and bottles

ADCIP  500g, 1kg packs

  • Sanitising agent. Oxygenating detergent without foam, making rinsing of bottles and equipment easy.