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Sparkling Beverage Equipment

Barida Poker Series

The automatic monobloc POKER 400 comprised of a turret with intermittent rotation equipped with 6 groups to seize and close the bottle performing the operations of disgorging, removal of the deposit, addition of liqueur and levelling with wine during rotation.

The POKER 700 monobloc is comprised of two turrets, the first one with a continuous rotation, the second with intermittent rotation.  The first turret is designed for the disgorging operation and is equipped with 3 groups to seize and close the bottle.  While operating, it reverses the bottle by around 65 degrees and then it removes the crown cap.  The bottle without the cap remains racking and is closed to limit the volume of wine coming out.  Before the end of the rotation, the bottle returns to the vertical position, so it can be positioned on the conveyor belt. 

The second turret on the POKER 700 has 6 working stations, each one equipped with grippers and it carries out three operations during one rotation, the disgorging, addition of liqueur and the levelling.  The bottle is again reversed for the liqueur dosing, while the levelling is made when the bottle is again in the vertical position.  Between the first and second turret there is a device detecting the presence of the cap.  The first turret is also equipped with a device for the discharge of caps into a tray located inside the chassis.  The upper part has a belt conveyor and a device for loading and discharging the bottles, namely the inlet and discharge starwheels and guide conveyors.