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Sparkling Beverage Equipment

Barida Atlas Disgorger

Barida’s automatic Atlas disgorger are designed to perform the entire disgorging process with the utmost efficiency.


The Atlas unit performs the following functions:

  • Disgorgement or removal of the crown cap
  • Addition of the liqueur (syrup)
  • Levelling with wine
  • The 1-6-6 monobloc consists of a single disgorging station and two turrets with a continuous rotation (each with 6 working points) for the addition of liqueur and levelling with wine
  • The 6-9-9 monobloc consists of three turrets with a continuous rotation, one for each phase of the process
  • A disgorging turret with 6 working stations, a turret for the addition of the liqueur and on for the levelling with wine, each of them equipped with 9 working stations
  • Throughput from 1,200 (1-6-6) to 2,200 (6-9-9) bph
  • All parts in contact with wine are stainless steel