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Enos Automatic Labellers

Enos is a specialist labelling machine producer, with their range of machines with glue and adhesive systems for small and medium size wineries.  Enos labelling machines offer adhesive models for front labels, back labels and medals, and applications are available for both round and square bottles.  The machines can be equipped with capsule closure units and capsule dispensers with cork detection.

 Enos labellers can be implemented with sensors and bottle positioning systems for bottles with notches

Enos machines are particularly user friendly in terms of the operating system as most of the settings can be saved in the machine memory and automatically activated for future applications

Key advantages

  • Simple, clear design makes the machine easy to use
  • Easy access to the labelling stations to change the label strips
  • Series configuration of the stations with stepper motors above 1,000 bottles per hour
  • Precise, reliable operation using stepper motors at each labelling station
  • Able to be integrated into lines


Enos offers fully automatic linear self adhesive labelling machines with capacity ranging from 800-2,500 bottles per hour.  Available equipment and options include:

  • Labelling station for self adhesive labels for the body of the bottle, either front or back labels from one roll. Depending on the model chosen, up to three stations can be fitted to one machine
  • Labelling station for wine seals, award labels or neck ring labels with an adjustment mechanism for the conical area of the bottle
  • Optical orientation system either by existing label or indentation in the bottle
  • Capsule fitting machine
  • Heat shrinking head with air blowing system
  • Capsule roller for tin and polylaminate capsules
  • Capsule fitting machine with storage table and pneumatic capsule separation, electronically controlled
  • Second labelling station with stepper motor for back label
  • Third labelling station with stepper motor for neck ring around bottle
  • Infeed screw conveyor for different bottle formats
  • 3 labels from 2 stations
  • Touch screen
  • Orientation system for re-applying a label to a bottle previously labelled
  • Accessories for front label for square bottles
  • Second station for back labels on square bottles
  • Data D thermal transfer printer