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Bottling lines

Borelli Euro Rinsing/Filling/Corking Monobloc

Euro System MH Monobloc 4,500 to 16,000 bph

Borelli’s Euro system mh are a line of automatic monoblocs optioned with or without rinsing units, from 4,500 to 16,000 bottles per hour guaranteeing flexibility and simplicity of use.  The Euro system is for medium to large bottling requirements.

For these machines, Borelli use the TECNA line rinsers and the RM line fillers.  The closing system was developed with AROL Spa, a world leader in the manufacturing of closing systems, 


Key parameters of the Euro system

  • Rinser (no of grippers): 16/20/24/30/36/40 model
  • Filler (no of valves): 16/20/24/28/32/36/40
  • Max production: 3,000/9,000
  • Filling system: Gravity, Light depression, high vacuum, light pressure
  • Type of liquids: Any non-carbonated liquid
  • Bottle inlet: Inlet and transfer screws
  • Filler tank lifting: Automatic, with pneumatic, motor on open column framework
  • Corker configuration: Multihead 3/4/6/8/10/12 head
  • Closure options: Cork, screwcap. pressure closures plus others
  • Max speed per hour: 16,000bph
  • Bottle type: Glass, PET
  • Shape of bottle: Cylindrical, square or shaped