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Sparkling Beverage Equipment

SemiAuto Filling Station

Rizzolio ISO4 Filler

1  x sets of filling tubes. 

Compressor required – please advise if not sure of current unit.

Semiautomatic filling machine stainless steel made, used to bottle all carbonated beverages, such as sparkling wines, soft-drinks, beer, mineral water.

High versatility : possibility to fill glass and PET bottles from 330 ml to 1.5 Lt.

Product tank with thick walls, tested up to 7 bars

Level probe inside the tank for automatic product inlet

Pneumatic bottle-lift with bottle – centring device

Stainless steel filling nozzle, with hot-sanitizable seals

‘No-foam’ filling system, with rubber ring on the filling pipe to spread the product on the bottles walls

Product level inside the bottle by means of steel pipes, easily removable with a tool included in the supply

Front safety panel with pneumatic safe lock                                                                                                                                         

Pneumatic operated unit